What Should Prospective Students Know About Bradley’s DNP Program?

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There are hundreds of on-campus Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs that support students in the nursing field. Although such programs have their advantages, Bradley University’s online DNP program meets students where they are — working professionals who want to advance their career but cannot drop everything for an on-campus program. Bradley offers students rigorous coursework, expert instructors and the flexibility of a high-quality online program.

Why do students pursue a DNP degree?

According to the American Nurses Association, the DNP degree prepares nurses for advanced clinical practice, the management of health care systems, leadership roles and health care policy advocacy. This quality education equips nurses with the ability to meet the rising challenges and complexities of the health care environment. In this way, they can meet the expanding needs and requirements of a quickly evolving industry.

Unlike a traditional Ph.D. program that focuses on creating the next generation of researchers and educators, a DNP prepares nurses in the area of evidence-based care that can be directly applied to their advanced practice environment. The valuable leadership skills they contribute to the nursing field also fulfill the growing need for highly educated and prepared nurses on the front lines of patient care.

After graduation, DNP degree holders find opportunities working in hospitals, long-term care facilities, public health departments, private practices, government agencies and outpatient care centers. They hold titles such as advanced practice nurse, nurse manager, lobbyist, healthcare director, chief nursing officer, nurse executive and nurse administrator. A DNP degree sets graduates apart from their peers as being highly educated and skilled nurses with the educational background to understand and leverage the latest technology and health care strategies.

With a DNP, graduates can mentor other nurses, lead the fight for health care advocacy, fill the void for doctoral-prepared nurse leaders and educate the next generation of nurses in the area of advanced patient care. By holding a doctoral degree from a renowned university like Bradley, students can position themselves to advance in whatever area of the health care industry they intend to transition into.

On average, students can earn a post master’s DNP Leadership degree in three years of full-time study. Students studying for a DNP-FNP degree from a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) may spend four years. However, many DNP programs, particularly online graduate programs such as Bradley’s DNP degree, offer unmatched flexibility and part-time options for students who already work in the nursing industry or have familial obligations.

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Why should students choose Bradley’s DNP program?

A DNP program is the best choice for any nurse who wants to benefit from an advanced degree and remain in clinical practice or move into an advanced leadership role. An online DNP degree is perfect for any nurse who wants to collaborate with and learn from other nurse leaders who are already out in the field. The flexibility offered by an online learning environment fits many professionals’ busy schedules, along with the accessibility of experienced, passionate instructors. Essentially, any nurse who wants to elevate their learning and leadership potential should consider pursuing a DNP degree.

“The Bradley DNP curriculum is exciting,” Nicole Delinski, a Bradley DNP Leadership student, explained. “The cohorts have been fascinating — all these different nurses with the same goal of achieving the Doctorate of Nursing Practice but so many different perspectives, so many different jobs and roles. There are a lot of solutions out there that are fantastic solutions that we can apply to our health care systems, and I wouldn’t know them if I hadn’t have talked to nurses from Florida and Chicago and Maryland.”

The online DNP program at Bradley University includes a rigorous and innovative curriculum to prepare students to succeed in advanced practice. Bradley offers two DNP degree options: the Family Nurse Practitioner track for BSN-prepared nurses and the Leadership track for MSN-prepared nurses. Both tracks support the next generation of nurse leaders. Examples of classes prospective students will take include Evidence-based Practice, Health Care Policy, Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care, Statistical Procedures and Advanced Pharmacology.

Although other DNP programs may offer similar coursework, the dedicated Bradley faculty are passionate about developing the next generation of nurse leaders and are committed to helping students succeed and advance their nursing careers.

Drawing from a broad range of clinical, professional and educational experiences, faculty works hard to ensure that their students are equipped with the right tools and knowledge base to thrive in their chosen health care environment. Additionally, in 2017 the U.S. News & World Report ranked Bradley University sixth among Midwest regional universities.

Bradley University’s online program supports students from all over the country from a variety of learning backgrounds and current life situations. Many of the program’s students live across the country, yet still, benefit from the coursework and faculty insight. Within the classroom itself, the diverse background of the students ensures that the online learning environment remains unique and insightful for each degree seeker.

Prospective students interested in learning more about the numerous benefits of obtaining a doctoral degree in nursing should consider Bradley University’s online DNP program. The program’s flexibility and intensive coursework support students already working in the nursing field or future nurses hoping to make a difference in the healthcare industry. Contact a Bradley representative today to hear more about the excellent faculty or insightful curriculum offerings, such as in the areas of health care policy, organizational management practices and professionalism in the workplace.


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