Student Testimonial Online Doctor of Nursing Practice Leadership Program

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>>Nicole Delinski: We really want our nurses to empower themselves and be autonomous and engage in education at every level. Part of that level for me is going forward and getting my doctorate degree.

I chose this program because I have a history with Bradley, and I had such a great experience with my master’s degree at Bradley that I knew that they would take care of me.

The Bradley DNP curriculum is exciting. The cohorts have been fascinating. All these different nurses with the same goal of achieving the Doctorate of Nursing Practice, but so many different perspectives, so many different jobs and roles. There are a lot of solutions out there that are fantastic solutions that we can apply into our healthcare systems, and I wouldn’t know them if I hadn’t have talked to nurses from Florida and Chicago and Maryland.

Bradley does a really good job at making sure that they are very transparent as to how much time it’s going to take. They give a full curriculum so you know when assignments are gonna be due throughout that entire eight week schedule.
The other support that really helps are the instructors and professors at Bradley. I feel very comfortable writing them an email and telling them that I’ll be in the UK next week, you know, can I get an extension or is there a way I can submit early. And they’ve been so flexible and so helpful.

My confidence in the online program continues to improve and continues to grow, and I think Bradley’s done a superior job at supporting their online program.