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The baccalaureate degree in nursing, master's degree in nursing and post-graduate APRN certificate programs at Bradley University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, (202) 887-6791. The Doctor of Nursing Practice program accreditation is pending an on-site visit in October 2017.


Nursing Is An Essential Role. So Is Leadership.

The nursing workforce is evolving — and not just due to regulatory changes and increased demand for primary care services. An influx of more than 1 million new nurses is expected through the next decade, and they’ll need more than experienced teachers. They’ll need exceptional leaders. That’s exactly what Bradley’s online RN or BSN to MSN in Nursing Administration program can prepare you to become.

You’ve taken the first step to advance your nursing career by earning your RN. Now, it’s time to take a giant leap forward. Graduate from our online RN or BSN to MSN in Nursing Administration program, and you can:

  • Successfully navigate today’s complex and multifaceted health care system.
  • Develop a command of the art and science of patient-centered care.
  • Explore health policy and its impact on evidence-based nursing leadership.
  • Advance your expertise in financial management, human resources and health care IT.
  • Thrive as a nursing leader in nearly any health care organization.


Fast Track Your Future in Nursing Leadership.

With employment in health care administration expected to grow by 23 percent through 2022 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), now is an ideal time to set yourself apart from the competition through higher education.

Where can you work?

  • Hospitals and medical clinics
  • Acute care and emergency settings
  • Home health care agencies
  • Outpatient care centers
  • Nursing care facilities
  • Private doctor’s offices
  • Community health agencies

What job titles can you hold?

  • Nurse manager or administrator
  • Charge nurse
  • Nursing director
  • Health services manager
  • Nursing care facility manager
  • Nurse educator
  • Nurse executive

What’s your growth potential?

An MSN in Nursing Administration from a top-tier university like Bradley can qualify you for some of the field’s highest-paying jobs. What’s the potential payoff? Here are just a few examples:

Job Title Median Salary 75th Percentile
Nursing director $131,058 $149,771
Nursing supervisor $84,844 $94,074
Nurse manager (acute care) $96,801 $107,520
Nurse manager (long-term care) $73,990 $91,527
Sources: Salary.com (data as of February 2015); BLS.gov (data as of Febraury 2015)


Strive for Nursing Excellence.

Bradley University has been shaping nursing leaders and innovators for more than 50 years. Continuously driven by our commitment to excellence in teaching, research and learning, we’ve designed our online RN or BSN to MSN in Nursing Administration program to expertly combine rigorous academics with real-world practice.

Widely respected for our outstanding faculty and student-centered approach to learning, we’re able to provide the resources of a large public university — but with the personalized attention of a small private college. Study with us, and you’ll be joining a rich culture of collaboration, support and shared values, one that challenges you to grow personally and professionally.

When you choose Bradley University, you choose flexibility. Our online MSN in Nursing Administration program allows you to complete your clinical hours with an approved preceptor of your choice. Get the most out of your clinical hours by choosing different preceptors for each area of study your clinical hours emphasize.

If you’re ready to join the next generation of nursing leaders, then we’re ready for you.


Learn from Innovative Nursing Leaders.

The dedicated faculty members who lead our online RN to MSN in Nursing Administration program are committed to helping you succeed as you take the next step in your nursing career. They each bring a broad base of clinical experience, professional skills and research achievements into your online classroom, and they operate at the forefront of the health care industry. Learn more about their credentials now:

Cindy Brubaker
Department Chair
Associate Professor of Nursing
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Molly Cluskey
Interim Associate Provost
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Francesca Armmer
Associate Professor of Nursing
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Deborah "Deb" Erickson
Associate Professor of Nursing
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Peggy Flannigan
Associate Chair
Associate Professor of Nursing
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Janet Jackson
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Assistant Dean
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Cynthia Steinwedel
Assistant Professor of Nursing
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Karin Smith
Assistant Professor of Nursing
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The innovative curriculum of our online MSN in Nursing Administration program expertly blends the disciplines of nursing, management and business to prepare you for leadership in the modern health care marketplace. The program’s 36-45 credit hours of coursework are delivered over eight semesters and require that you complete a capstone course and a preceptor-supervised nursing administration practicum.

Online MSN in Nursing Administration Courses

ENC 510
Statistical Procedures (3)
Study the principles and procedures for statistical interpretation of data. Explore measures and control tendency, variability, correlation and introductory predictive and inferential statistics.
NUR 300
Conceptual Basis for Professional Nursing Practices (3)
Examine theories of nursing, professional roles, nursing process, adaptation theory, nursing research and societal influences on nursing and health.
NUR 303
Research in Nursing (3)
Study published nursing research and its importance to the profession. Learn to apply steps of the research process when critiquing and writing comprehensive reviews of literature. Examine use of the computer in nursing research correlated with study of the research process.
NUR 404
Community Health Nursing Theory (2)
Explore the role of nurses in community settings. Apply the principles of epidemiology, health promotion and disease prevention to nursing practice. Examine core functions of public health nursing, essential services and population-based practice.
NUR 407
RN-MSN Practicum** (1)
Selected community practicum experiences will be correlated with theoretical content of NUR 404.
NUR 501
Nursing Theories: Analysis and Development (3)
Analyze theoretical models, emphasizing the assessment and implication of models for advanced professional nursing practice and research.
NUR 505
Leadership in the Healthcare Delivery System (3)
Study leadership theory and explore the role of the nurse as a leader, colleague and consultant in the healthcare system.
NUR 510
Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare (3)
Elevate your understanding of the legal and ethical issues that influence the practice of advanced nursing and leadership in healthcare systems. Learn to assess the ethical implications of law and public policy in healthcare. Review relevant case studies.
NUR 526
Evidence-Based Practice (3)
Study theories related to the generation of evidence, research utilization (RU) and evidence-based practice (EBP). Identify issues from various practice areas to develop and refine a researchable project.
NUR 615
Health Informatics (3)
Gain an introductory understanding of concepts in health informatics. Build a foundation for practice in the healthcare technology field. Explore healthcare data, clinical information management systems, security, personal productivity applications, consumer informatics, legal issues and professional skills, knowledge and certifications related to health informatics.
NUR 640
Healthcare Policy (3)
Study health policy development and implementation and its impact on healthcare regulation, delivery and finance. Focus on wellness and promotion of health for local, national and worldwide health initiatives. Learn to define healthcare provider roles in health promotion, healthcare delivery and quality improvement through activities related to health policy reform and finance.
NUR 630
Nursing Administration Theory I (3)
Study the theories, concepts and principles from nursing and related disciplines to build a foundation for nursing administration. Explore theories of change, role, adaptation, need and leadership as related to nursing management.
NUR 631
Nursing Administration Practicum I (3)
This practicum applies the concepts, theories and principles from NUR 630. It requires you to use relevant research findings and advanced practice in management.
NUR 632
Nursing Administration Theory II (3)
Examine advanced concepts and principles relevant to external and internal nursing organizational situations including power, authority and politics. Review various organizational patterns and their relationship to nursing personnel management, budgeting, public relations, leadership style and research.
NUR 633
Nursing Administration Practicum II (3)
This practicum applies advanced concepts, theories and principles from NUR 632. It requires you to use several management skills: staffing, budgeting and developing positive public relations.
NUR 697
Capstone (1) (1)
The capstone is a student-initiated endeavor that culminates in a scholarly project. It synthesizes advanced practice knowledge and skills to address a current nursing practice issue related to your chosen advanced practice field of study. This capstone may be repeated for a maximum of three hours.

* This course can be waived if previously completed.
** Clinical or practicum courses require a preceptor.

Note: Curriculum is subject to change.


Need help deciding if our online MSN program best aligns with your current needs and future goals? We can help.

Our online MSN in Nursing Administration program is an ideal choice if:
  • You’re an associate degree-, diploma- or baccalaureate- prepared RN, and you’re ready to distinguish yourself as a leader.
  • You’re motivated and interested in health care leadership.
  • You wish to advance your professional career and eventually earn your DNP.
  • You’re ready to earn an advanced credential that can elevate your earning potential.
Here are a few other ways to know if an online MSN from Bradley is the right choice for you:
  • You want a flexible online learning environment that fits your busy schedule.
  • You’re eager to learn from a faculty of passionate and experienced nurse leaders.
Online Master of Science in Nursing Program