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Young female nurse with older patient

MSN-FNP vs. DNP-FNP: Which to Pursue?

When pursuing a career as an FNP, you have a choice between completing an MSN-FNP or DNP-FNP degree program.

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What Careers Offer The Best MSN Nursing Salary?

The health care industry is expanding fast, and employment is on the rise. Learn about some of the best-paying jobs for nurses with an MSN.

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Online or On-campus: Which MSN-FNP Is Right for You?

The online and on-campus MSN-FNP programs each offer unique strengths. Prospective students should evaluate some key factors when comparing options.

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A Look at The 3 Paths to The Bradley University MSN-FNP

How can you begin the journey toward a family nurse practitioner career? Here are three paths offered as part of the Bradley University online FNP program.

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What’s The Difference Between a DNP vs. MSN?

Here’s what to know about the differences between a DNP degree vs. MSN degree and what you can expect from master’s and doctoral nursing programs.

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Practice Independently with an MSN-FNP Degree

With a nationwide doctor shortage, the Family Nurse Practitioner role can open doors for ambitious nursing professionals looking for clinical autonomy.

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Nurse Practitioner with older woman patient

What is Full Practice Authority for Nurse Practitioners?

Full practice authority means Nurse Practitioners and other APRNs can deliver patient care without physician supervision. However, practice laws vary by state.

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Work-life Balance While Studying for an MSN-FNP

Studying for an MSN can add stress to an already hectic schedule. This article will examine some effective strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life.

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Inpatient vs. Outpatient Challenges Faced by FNPs

Like most medical professionals, FNPs work in both inpatient and outpatient settings, each of which comes with distinct challenges and opportunities.

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Earn an MSN-FNP to Work in a Variety of Settings

In addition to covering extensive clinical ground, NPs have wide operational footprints, making their presence known in numerous health care settings.

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