Basic Online Computer Tutorials

Computers are important tools that have become as standard as cars or phones. For that reason, knowing how to use computers and their peripherals is important for people of all ages and demographics. The elderly, for example, are increasingly aware of the need for, and benefits of, computers and the ability to go online. Children, on the other hand, typically grow up with computers and learn how to use them first at home and then at school. For people who are learning about computers, many online tutorials and exercises are available.


Understanding how to use a keyboard is an important part of learning to use computers. Tutorials introduce beginners to keyboards and their use. Lessons teach beginners the placement and purpose of traditional keys, special characters and commands. Some tutorials teach people how to enter text by using both hands, without having to look down or search for specific letters, numbers or characters. Another important lesson teaches users how to navigate the computer screen using keys such as Tab, Page Up and Page Down, and directional keys.

Mouse Exercises

The computer mouse is another important peripheral that one must become familiar and comfortable with while using the computer. A computer mouse can come in different designs and types. After one has mastered mouse basics such as the position and use of the right and left buttons, how to highlight text, clicking and double-clicking, and dragging items items on the screen, they must then perfect them. One can naturally improve their eye-hand coordination and dexterity with a mouse through repetition. This can come from daily use or mouse exercises. Mouse exercises allow people to practice basic things such as clicking on an item. Often, these exercises are animated and in the form of a fun game. Some mouse exercises may involve putting together a virtual puzzle by clicking and dragging the pieces on the screen. Others may simply require the user to click an object or number on the screen. Computer games are another type of activity that provides a significant opportunity for improving mouse-using skills.

Computer Basics

Although understanding how to use the keyboard and mouse is critical, these skills won’t be useful if one does not understand some basics about their computer and how it works. Learning the basics is the most important part of one’s computer education. Tutorials are commonly available in an adult educational setting or they may even be available at the library. Tutorials on computer basics generally start by defining what a computer is and describing common hardware and software. Common hardware outlined in these tutorials typically includes the computer case, monitor, and slots and ports such as ethernet and HDMI ports. Beginners will learn about software such as the operating system, which is responsible for a computer’s functions and processes, including memory management. The most common operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux and Mac OS. The operating system is so important that there are tutorials that are specifically meant to only address that topic. In addition, basic computing tutorials can help guide beginners through the process of setting up and using a computer. These offer step-by-step instructions on not only how to hook up a new computer but also how to boot it up and connect to the Internet.