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Less than 1 percent of all nurses in the U.S. have a doctoral degree — and Bradley University intends to help change that. Through our online DNP programs, we’re preparing talented nurses like you to do more than expand your clinical expertise. We’re preparing you to innovate in the industry, lead change and educate the next generation of your peers.

DNP – FNP Track (BSN Entry)

As a DNP-prepared family nurse practitioner, you can do far more than provide high-quality care to children, individuals and families; you can help transform the way primary care services are delivered in today’s health care system.

Program Fast Facts (DNP – FNP Track)

  • Total degree course credit hours: 79-82
  • Semesters to degree completion: 12
  • Time to degree completion: 4 years
  • Campus residency: None
  • Clinical project: Yes
  • Supervised clinical practicum: Yes
  • Admission cycles: Fall, spring, summer
  • Complete coursework: 100 percent online – asynchronous

Learning Outcomes (DNP – FNP Track)

Choose our online DNP – Family Nurse Practitioner program and prepare to:

  • Expand your expertise in advanced nursing theory and research practice.
  • Develop, evaluate and improve new practices and approaches to family health care delivery.
  • Translate research findings from the lab to the exam room.
  • Utilize evidence-based knowledge to inform and improve patient care.

DNP – Leadership Track (MSN Entry)

You’re already a master's-prepared RN with aspirations for leadership. Now, it’s time to gain the doctoral-level expertise to transform that personal ambition into professional achievement.

Program Fast Facts (DNP – Leadership Track)

  • Total degree course credit hours: 39+
  • Semesters to degree completion: 9
  • Time to degree completion: 3 years
  • Campus residency: None
  • Clinical project: Yes
  • Supervised clinical practicum: Yes
  • Admission cycles: Fall, spring, summer
  • Complete coursework: 100 percent online – asynchronous

Learning Outcomes (DNP – Leadership Track)

Choose our online DNP in Leadership program and prepare to:

  • Acquire the expertise to inform and shape health care policy.
  • Expand your knowledge of budgets, financial management and leadership theory.
  • Enhance your understanding of nursing personnel management and education.
  • Qualify for advanced leadership roles in administration, teaching, research and patient care.


Fast Track Your Future in Nursing Leadership.

Demand for DNP-prepared nurses with the expertise to tackle today’s critical and emerging health care needs is skyrocketing. Prepare to lead at the highest clinical and administrative levels as a graduate of one of Bradley’s online DNP programs.

What advancement opportunities can
you expect?

As health care becomes more complex, a DNP can distinguish you in the field as a highly skilled nurse able to tackle new technologies and transform health care. By pursuing a DNP from a top-tier university like Bradley, you will be in a position to contribute to meaningful reform. This experience can prepare you for leadership roles that require doctorate-level nursing knowledge. With a DNP you can:

  • Prepare for advanced roles as a leader in health care administration, education or policy
  • Serve as an advocate and mentor for other nurses
  • Work as an educator to teach the nurses of tomorrow
  • Fill a void in health care for doctorate-prepared nurse leaders to help advance nursing as a profession

What job titles can you hold?

    • Chief nursing officer
    • Nursing director
    • Nurse manager
    • Nurse educator
    • Lobbyist or legislative consultant
    • Health care director
    • Nursing professor
    • Nursing care facility manager
    • Nurse executive
    • Nurse administrator

Where can you work?

    • General medical and surgical hospitals
    • Research facilities
    • Nursing care facilities
    • Home health care agencies
    • Academic institutions
    • Public health offices
    • Outpatient care centers
    • Private doctor’s offices
    • Community health agencies
    • Government agencies


Powerful Outcomes Begin Here.

Bradley University has been shaping leaders and innovators since 1897. Continuously driven by our commitment to excellence in teaching, research and learning, we’ve designed our online DNP programs to expertly combine rigorous academics with real-world practice.

Widely respected for our outstanding faculty and student-centered approach to learning, we’re able to provide the resources of a large public university — but with the personalized attention of a small private college. Study with us and join a rich culture of collaboration, support and shared values, one that will challenge you to grow personally and professionally.

When you choose Bradley University, you choose flexibility. Our online Doctor of Nursing practice programs allow you to complete your clinical hours with approved preceptors of your choice. Get the most out of your clinical hours by selecting different preceptors for each area of study that your clinical hours emphasize.

If you’re ready to join the next generation of nursing and health care leaders, then we’re ready for you.


Learn from Innovative Nursing Leaders.

The dedicated faculty members who lead our online DNP programs are committed to helping you succeed as you take the next step in your nursing career. They each bring a broad base of clinical expertise and professional experience into our online classrooms each day, and they are eager to share their knowledge with you. Learn more about your professors now:

Cindy Brubaker
Department Chair
Associate Professor of Nursing
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Molly Cluskey
Associate Dean for Distance Education
Associate Professor of Nursing
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Deborah "Deb" Erickson
Assistant Professor of Nursing
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Peggy Flannigan
Associate Chair
Associate Professor of Nursing
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Cynthia Steinwedel
Assistant Professor of Nursing
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Rachel Borton
Director Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), Online Program
Assistant Professor of Nursing
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What can you learn in our online Doctor of Nursing Practice programs?


The innovative curriculum of our online DNP programs are designed to prepare you for the highest level of nursing practice, research and leadership.

Courses: Online DNP – Family Nurse Practitioner Track

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* Clinical or practicum courses require a preceptor.
Note: Curriculum is subject to change.

Courses: Online DNP – Leadership Track

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Prepare for Your Advanced Degree in Nursing.

Need help deciding which online DNP program best aligns with your current needs and future goals? We can help.

Our online DNP – FNP program is an ideal choice if:
  • You have a BSN from an NLNAC-, ACEN- or CCNE-accredited nursing program.
  • You are passionate about family medicine.
  • You want to establish yourself as a leader in primary care.
The online DNP in Leadership is an ideal choice if:
  • You have an MSN from an NLNAC-, ACEN- or CCNE-accredited nursing program.
  • You are a master's-prepared RN and are ready to distinguish yourself as a leader.
  • You’re motivated and interested in mastering the administrative side of health care.
Here are a few other ways to know if an online DNP from Bradley is the right choice for you:
  • You want to collaborate with and learn from other aspiring nurse practitioners or nurse leaders.
  • You want a flexible online learning environment that fits your busy schedule.
  • You’re eager to learn from a faculty of passionate and experienced clinicians.
  • You’re ready to earn an advanced degree that can elevate your earnings potential.
Online Doctor of Nursing Practice