Online DNP-Family Nurse Practitioner (DNP-FNP) Curriculum

What can you learn in our Online Doctor of Nursing Practice Programs?

The innovative curriculum of our online DNP programs are designed to prepare you for the highest level of nursing practice, research and leadership.

Online DNP – Family Nurse Practitioner Courses

BIO 526Advanced Pathophysiology3 Credits
CIS 576Data Management3 Credits
ECO 605Health Care Economics & Finance3 Credits
ENC 510Statistical Procedures3 Credits
ML 630Management in Healthcare Organizations3 Credits
NUR 600Advanced Health Assessment3 Credits
NUR 603Health Promotion in Populations3 Credits
NUR 625DNP Practice Seminar I*1 Credit
NUR 638Principles of FNP Practice I – Acute/Chronic3 Credits
NUR 639Healthcare Clinical Practicum I*3 Credits
NUR 640Healthcare Policy3 Credits
NUR 642Principles of FNP Practice II – Acute/Chronic3 Credits
NUR 643Healthcare Clinical Practicum II*3 Credits
NUR 644Principles of FNP Practice III: Women's Health3 Credits
NUR 645Healthcare Clinical Practicum III*3 Credits
NUR 646Principles of FNP Practice IV - Children3 Credits
NUR 647Healthcare Clinical Practicum IV*3 Credits
NUR 648Principles of FNP Practice V: Aging Adult Populations3 Credits
NUR 649Healthcare Clinical Practicum V*3 Credits
NUR 651Advanced Pharmacology I3 Credits
NUR 652Advanced Pharmacology II3 Credits
NUR 690Professional Aspects of Advanced Nursing Practice2 Credits
NUR 700Theoretical Foundations of Nursing3 Credits
NUR 720Evidence-Based Practice3 Credits
NUR 725DNP Practice Seminar II*2 Credits
NUR 730Ethics in Advanced Practice Nursing3 Credits
NUR 735Leadership in Advanced Practice Nursing3 Credits
NUR 752Advanced Health Informatics3 Credits
NUR 826DNP Practice Seminar III-A* 1.5 Credits
NUR 827DNP Practice Seminar III-B*1.5 Credits

* Clinical or practicum courses require a preceptor.
Note: Curriculum is subject to change.