Online CMHCCurriculum

What can you learn in our Online Master of Arts in Counseling Program?

To graduate with your Master of Arts in Counseling, you must successfully complete 60 credit hours of coursework, including one practicum, two internships and two, virtual residencies. The first residency will take place during your first term, and the second will occur in the eighth term.

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Graduate Core Courses

ENC 604 Research and Evaluation 3 Credits
ENC 606 Interpersonal Behavior and Organizational Leadership 3 Credits

Program Core Courses

ENC 530 Loss and Grief Counseling 1 Credit
ENC 540 Human Growth and Development 3 Credits
ENC 551 Substance Abuse Counseling 2 Credits
ENC 586 Counseling Diverse Populations 3 Credits
ENC 607 Neurocounseling: Bridging Brain and Behavior* 3 Credits
ENC 620 Introduction to Counseling: Professional Orientation 2 Credits
ENC 621 Career and Life Planning Across the Life Span 3 Credits
ENC 622 Counseling: Ethics and the Law 1 Credit
ENC 623 Pre-Practicum in Counseling 3 Credits
ENC 624 Theories and Techniques of Counseling 3 Credits
ENC 625 Principles of Group Counseling 3 Credits
ENC 630 Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders 3 Credits
ENC 631 Crisis Intervention 1 Credit
ENC 632 Psychopharmacology in Counseling 1 Credit
ENC 640 Clinical Supervision 2 Credits
ENC 641 Assessment in Counseling 3 Credits
ENC 654 Consultation in the Helping Professions 2 Credits
ENC 661 Couples and Family Counseling 3 Credits
ENC 690 Practicum 2 Credits
ENC 691 Internship I 1 Credit
ENC 692 Internship II 3 Credits

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Specialty Courses

ENC 608 Brain-Based Interventions 2 Credits
ENC 651 Clinical Mental Health Counseling 3 Credits
ENC 663 Counseling and the Dynamics of Aging 1 Credit

Note: Curriculum is subject to change.