Why Choose Counseling?

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>>ANGELA SHEETS: Well I think I’ve had a natural ability to counsel people probably my whole life. I think everyone that knows me says I’ve been telling people what to do (laughs) my whole life but I really got the interest in counseling people while I was in high school. I took a psychology course, an elective, and really fell in love with it and then pursued psychology all throughout undergrad and then I was able to get a career where I was using those skills as a parent educator at Crittenton Centers so I’ve been doing that for over three years.

There’s more mental health and counseling concerns than you would actually know about until you’re in the field and you’re doing that day-to-day work and a lot of the people I’ve come in contact with through my current work experience have really pushed me to want to be that help support. I have family members that
have attended Bradley, I have multiple friends that have attended Bradley and they say wonderful things about it and I’ve actually grown up in the area so I’ve drove past Bradley my whole life and always wondered hmm, I wonder what Bradley has to offer me.

It was really perfect timing that the online program became available. We just moved right along, next thing you know I start classes and here I am.