Why Choose Bradley University’s Online Degree Programs?

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>>Nicole Delinski: I believe in Bradley, I’ve been through Bradley. I know that they will support every single question you have. I know that they will be there with you from the start to the end. They’re invested in you.

>>Francesca Armmer: We really want our students to be successful. We have a two-fold commitment. We have a commitment to the profession, and we have a commitment to our students.

>>Nancy Sherman: Our program is accredited through CACREP and this is very important to us. We spend a lot of our energy as faculty meeting the accreditation.

>>Bridget Welker: Even though they’re in California, Florida, our communication, I believe, is stronger online than in the traditional classroom.

>>Carlos Del Rio: Our conversations go on 24/7. And they don’t end when I step out of the classroom.

>>Angela Sheets: Online it’s like I know everyone already. I’ve really gotten to know them personally almost in a different way as if I were to be on campus with them.

>>Rachel Borton: We have various professors, be it nursing, biology, business, that are all current and experts in their field and they are teaching within our program. So students can be assured that what they are being taught is what is current.

>>Molly Cluskey: Our curriculum was developed to meet the needs of nurses today and meet the needs of the changing healthcare profession.

>>Lori Ann Russell-Chapin: Pick the program that you think is most leading edge. You have to pick Bradley.