Student testimonial online Master of Arts in Counseling program

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>>Angela Sheets:

With my current work experience, having counseled in crisis situations, I’ve really decided to go towards the clinical mental health because I know that there’s such a huge need for it.

Having that credential of a masters in counseling, what a neat thing and
opportunity that would be to mentor young adults, and families, and children
to impact their futures.

It’s been a year-long process for me as far as finding that right program, that right niche, it took a while for me to get in, but it was really perfect timing that the online program became available.

I’m very excited that I’m taking the Bradley online program. I think that it is the option for me right now as far as gaining my masters in counseling, but the neatest thing is that it is doable, and it’s possible with my support coach and professors, as well as IT help.

They’ve been there to answer any questions that I’ve had. I really have made it a priority, and when you make it priority you make it work. So anyone can find time if they make the time, whether it’s in the morning or at the end of the day, whether I’m unwinding or in bed, which is such a wonderful thing about online counseling is that I can kind of get online and devote whatever time I have for myself to counseling, which has been wonderful, it’s really worked with my schedule.