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Distance learning students require a flexible, convenient and supportive experience. Listen as Bradley University online faculty and students describe the program design, technology and multimedia approach used to ensure online learners reach their potential.


>>Francesca Armmer: The Bradley University online programs are designed for success.

>>Cindy Brubaker: What I like about Bradley’s online nursing programs is that we are providing opportunities to nurses to advance their careers, who might not otherwise have those opportunities.

>>Carlos Del Rio: We bring education to people who are interested in becoming professional counselors, regardless of where they live. We bring it to them, not in spite of, but because of their life commitments. We recognize that.

>>Angela Sheets: I can log on and focus and study, and my books are portable, everything’s portable, and so that’s really been helpful, and really the only way that I can achieve my masters in counseling right now is through the online program.

>>Rachel Borton: We offer a very flexible program that you can complete on your own time. We offer you professors that are very diverse and experts in their field.

>>Bridget Welker: You will find, once you start the online program, you have that face-to-face, you know, you get to know the other students, you get to know your instructors, almost, probably, sometimes better than you do in the classroom.

>>Nicole Delinski: You’ve got a lot of support through Bradley, they offer a lot of communication in different ways, email, chat, they offer discussion boards, they offer even webcam. Last night I was talking to my professor face-to-face.

>>Francesca: Bradley University has a history of excellence, so what we have done in terms of the department of nursing is build upon that history of excellence within the department, and then expand it in terms of online education.