Nursing Program Outcomes

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>>MOLLY CLUSKEY: As the baby boomers begin to retire, I think we will continue to see increased needs for nurses. I’ve seen the jobs change over the years. I think nurses that are working today have to work much smarter and much harder than I did when I was a young nurse.

>>CINDY BRUBAKER: There really has been an increased need for mid-level providers, which is exactly what nurse practitioners are, and that’s why we chose to develop and offer the Family Nurse Practitioner program at both the master’s and the DNP level. There currently is a shortage of primary care providers, and that’s exactly what family nurse practitioners can do. They can take care of patients from birth to old age.

>>RACHEL BORTON: If you are a family nurse practitioner, you can work with peds, you can work with gero. You’re really unlimited as far as applications.

>>FRANCESCA ARMMER: With the Master of Science Degree in Nursing Administration, our goal is to prepare our graduate nursing students for a position in what we would call middle management, supervisory roles, as well as first line management.

>>NICOLE DELINSKI: Where I am now in my role at OSF is I’m building business plans. I’m building strategic models. I’m having to do these different sales initiatives that I have really no experience in doing, and I’m having to learn on my own. I am confident already that these classes and this curriculum is going to support me the entire way of my new role.