Meet Your Counseling Faculty

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The Department of Leadership in Education, Nonprofits and Counseling’s faculty at Bradley University are leading industry experts in the field. Listen as the online counseling faculty share their background, passion for helping others and reasons for pursuing a counseling career path.


>>Lori Ann Russell-Chapin: My mother told me I should be a teacher, and I said, Mom, I don’t wanna be a teacher. And then what I think’s lovely about this statement is I became a teacher. And why I wanted to become a counselor is because I do love helping people.

>>Nancy Sherman: I had a previous profession working in student affairs, and I took a job as a counselor for a women’s health center, and our clients were women who were victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. And I found this so rewarding to be able to help this group of women basically get back on their feed, change their lives.

>>Carlos Del Rio: What I enjoy most about counseling is the ability to walk along with people in their life journeys. It enables me to experience that sense of humility when folks share with me the intracacies of thier life and their experiences. In counseling, I help them build on their strengths and to make sense of that life path that they have and to build upon the relationships that they have because none of us matures or evolves without relationships.

>>Nancy: It’s so rewarding for me to see that there are, continue to be, people who are passionate about counseling, learning to be a counselor, and really wanting to make a difference in people’s lives.