Counseling Curriculum Highlights

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>>NANCY SHERMAN: We have worked very hard to make the Bradley experience and our counseling program, one that will meet all the students’ needs in terms of their professional growth, the support they need to be able to get through the program successfully, both academically and personally.

>>LORI ANN RUSSELL-CHAPIN: We really do have our own area of expertise and we rely on our other faculty to really broaden that expanse, so that students get a real well-rounded experience.

>>NANCY: Our online class size is limited to 10 students. We believe that this number of students is perfect for online learning.

>>LORI: I loved our residency program. I think the students enjoy it as well because what they’re doing when they come here is they’re putting practical applications of the things we’ve learned in class right here. Right here and we’re practicing it.