Core Values and Culture

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>>FRANCESCA ARMMER: Well, the culture that we have at Bradley University is one of commitment to the student and partnership with the student. We’re going to partner with the learning experience and then we’re going to be flexible enough to recognize that there are times in everybody’s life when we just can’t move from point A to point B smoothly.

>>BRIDGET WELKER: We’re very compassionate about what we do. We care about the students. We want them to succeed.

>>NANCY SHERMAN: Our faculty are involved in organizations and research that covers the whole country, so a good reputation and we’re proud of it.

>>CINDY BRUBAKER: The Bradley culture is one of openness and caring and individual access to faculty.

>>MOLLY CLUSKEY: Our faculty have developed very honest and open relationships with our students. We’re here to support the students and we’re here to guide them.

>>RACHEL BORTON: The Bradley culture is one where professors know their students. And I had a class of undergrad students with 96 kids and I knew everyone’s name, and that’s something at Bradley that we’re very personal, we believe in relationships, we care about our students, we want them to succeed. And I can tell you this is definitely taking place online with students as well.

>>LORI RUSSELL-CHAPIN: The expectations here are high. We expect really good
things from our students, and I have to say our students are stellar.