Bradley University Curriculum: Online BSN to DNP

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A small but growing percentage of practicing professional nurses possesses a doctoral degree. The Bradley University online Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program prepares talented, experienced nurses to expand their clinical expertise in ways that prosper personal and professional growth. Students who pursue Bradley University’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing to Doctor of Nursing Practice degree receive both hands-on and academic experience that prepares them for a constantly evolving industry. After completion of the program, they’re in a position to foster positive changes in health care while preparing to educate the next generation of their peers.

BSN students who complete the path to DNP-prepared family nurse practitioner are able to do much more than provide high-quality clinical care to children, individuals and families. The program’s rigorous online coursework helps prepare nurses with the strategies and concepts they can use to transform the way primary care services are delivered.

The DNP-FNP (BSN Entry) track may be completed 100 percent online. Students complete 83 course credit hours over 12 semesters with available admission in the fall, spring and summer semesters. No campus residency is required of online DNP students. Graduates complete a supervised clinical practicum and clinical project at the end of their coursework.

The Bradley University online DNP-FNP features a curriculum designed around four main principles, each focused on offering students the preparation they need to work in the highest levels of nursing practice, research and leadership.

The coursework aims to:

  • Help students evaluate and improve existing practices and develop new practices in family health care delivery.
  • Incorporate evidence-based knowledge to improve patient outcomes and foster informative dialogue.
  • Broaden each student’s knowledge of advanced nursing theory and research practice methodology.
  • Give new life to research findings by taking their insights into the realm of clinical strategy.

Clinical and theoretical coursework

Nurses who complete Bradley University’s online DNP will be at the forefront of a health care industry expected to undergo numerous new and exciting developments over the next decade. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 11.8 million workers employed in health care practitioner, technical and support occupations. Among those, 2.7 million were registered nurses, the largest occupation.

Nurses Talking

The online DNP degree’s coursework at Bradley University is designed to educate incoming nurses on a variety of relevant subject matter spanning the gamut of contemporary health care, from policy and advocacy, quality improvement and evidence-based practice, to a survey of information systems and technology, advanced nursing practice and organizational and systems leadership.

Family Nurse Practitioners typically work in a cooperative practice with physicians and other providers and fulfill a complementary role to the traditional medical care doctors provide. By offering coursework that focuses on both clinical and theoretical knowledge development, Bradley University’s online curriculum helps students tackle the diverse challenges faced by DNP graduates across the health care industry.

For example, courses cover a wide range of principles of FNP practice. Family nurse practitioners can diagnose and treat children, adults and the elderly by utilizing the knowledge and skills from this curriculum, such as advanced health assessment, advanced pathophysiology and advanced pharmacology.

A DNP is also an increasingly common requirement for those pursuing a career in non-clinical health care realms in roles such as Nurse Researchers, Clinical Nursing Specialists and Head Nurses. Through their work in Bradley’s online DNP program, students can also gain experience in areas such as the interpretation of research evidence, health care education development and health care policy issues. This knowledge may help them with practice management and public health initiatives.

Students who achieve an online DNP at Bradley University can do more than change the face of nursing, they can increase their earning potential, career security and professional advancement opportunities across the entire realm of health care. As corporate and clinical employers continue to recognize the unique contributions and backgrounds of these expert nurses, the demand for DNP-prepared nurses will only grow.

Reach out to an enrollment advisor today to learn more about Bradley University’s online DNP-FNP program for BSN-level candidates.


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