Online Master of Arts in Counseling Residencies

Date: December 7, 2016

Learn more about the importance of residencies for students in an online Master of Arts in Counseling program from Bradley University’s faculty.


>>NANCY SHERMAN: Our online students at Bradley in Counseling have to complete two residencies. And this is where they actually come to our campus for a week each time and participate in classes, activities, that will all benefit them in terms of their learning.

>>CARLOS DEL RIO: They also get feedback from the faculty during the residencies
about their performance in certain assignments. It is to me that personal interaction that is expected between students and faculty that we have the residencies for. We have them twice through their entire enrollment. The first and the eighth academic term of their enrollment. To ensure that we can oversee
their skills’ development and their professional development before they leave us as graduates of the program.

>>LORI ANN RUSSELL-CHAPIN: When they get to come here, the online students get to do things, like we went to see the Center For Collaborative Brain Research and we got to see the functional MRI machines and the scanners. We just did a lot of visiting of places so that they can begin to think, maybe I want to be a school counselor, maybe I want to go into the hospitals, maybe I want to go into an agency setting. So, it just brings everything into focus and allows them to understand in practice what they see.

>>ANGELA SHEETS: It was really neat getting to listen to other speakers in the area as well as the professors and getting to know them one on one. One of our professors took us to her private practice, which was a really neat experience getting to work with the tools and learn from one another, from that experience.

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