Faculty Spotlight Online FNP Program

Date: November 17, 2016

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>>Rachel Borton: Bradley’s Family Nurse Practitioner online degree program has some very special characteristics to it. Mainly, you will be leaving with a degree that is diverse enough to allow you to apply to several different employers.

If you are a nurse who enjoys pediatrics, for example, or gero or you enjoy working with women, if you have a family nurse practitioner degree, you can go and apply, knowing that your degree and background will provide the experience necessary for you to be able to get this position.

This is going to be evidence-based practice that you can apply with your learning when you get out in the profession. Many of our current students were previous students, so I think it speaks well to a program when students who have already been here for four years have felt strongly and highly enough of it to come back and get their advanced degree from us also.

Here at Bradley, on-ground, we have an open-door policy, and I would say that absolutely continues to our online graduate students as well. We have our e-mails, they can call us, and I find that I have spoke much more frequently with my online students than I ever did with ground students.

The culture at Bradley really is one that is professional, yet we care about our students and we really want them to succeed.

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