Counseling Enrollment Advisor – Julie Steorts

My name is Julie Steorts, and I am an enrollment advisor here at Bradley University. My role is to help those looking to become licensed counselors understand their options with Bradley. I have been working in higher education for several years now, and I love what I do. I really enjoy getting to know prospective […]

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Counseling Enrollment Advisor – Davina Ramos-Trevino

Hello, my name is Davina Ramos-Trevino. I am an enrollment advisor here at Bradley University for the online graduate counseling program. I am happy that you have decided to pursue your education and see what Bradley University has to offer. I would love to assist you in determining if our program will be a good […]

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Counseling Program Outcomes

Transcript >>NANCY SHERMAN: The need for counselors and counseling has increased tremendously. There are a number of positions available for our students, to meet that need. >>CARLOS DEL RIO: There are very unique characteristics that our students obtain, when they come out of this counseling degree. They come to us number one, as students, and […]

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Core Values and Culture

Transcript [upbeat pop music] >>FRANCESCA ARMMER: Well, the culture that we have at Bradley University is one of commitment to the student and partnership with the student. We’re going to partner with the learning experience and then we’re going to be flexible enough to recognize that there are times in everybody’s life when we just […]

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Why Choose Counseling?

Transcript [soft music] >>ANGELA SHEETS: Well I think I’ve had a natural ability to counsel people probably my whole life. I think everyone that knows me says I’ve been telling people what to do (laughs) my whole life but I really got the interest in counseling people while I was in high school. I took […]

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Counseling Curriculum Highlights

Transcript [upbeat soft music] >>NANCY SHERMAN: We have worked very hard to make the Bradley experience and our counseling program, one that will meet all the students’ needs in terms of their professional growth, the support they need to be able to get through the program successfully, both academically and personally. >>CARLOS DEL RIO: We […]

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Online Master of Arts in Counseling Residencies

Learn more about the importance of residencies for students in an online Master of Arts in Counseling program from Bradley University’s faculty. Transcript >>NANCY SHERMAN: Our online students at Bradley in Counseling have to complete two residencies. And this is where they actually come to our campus for a week each time and participate in […]

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Student testimonial online Master of Arts in Counseling program

Transcript: [upbeat music] >>Angela Sheets: With my current work experience, having counseled in crisis situations, I’ve really decided to go towards the clinical mental health because I know that there’s such a huge need for it. Having that credential of a masters in counseling, what a neat thing and opportunity that would be to mentor […]

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Why Choose Bradley University’s Online Degree Programs?

Bradley University offers seven online nursing and counseling degree/certificate options in the College of Education and Health Sciences that will allow you to continue your studies anywhere in the country. Listen as online faculty and students describe the leading edge program options and student-focused environment.

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Online Platform and Support

Distance learning students require a flexible, convenient and supportive experience. Listen as Bradley University online faculty and students describe the program design, technology and multimedia approach used to ensure online learners reach their potential.

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Meet Your Counseling Faculty

The Department of Leadership in Education, Nonprofits and Counseling’s faculty at Bradley University are leading industry experts in the field. Listen as the online counseling faculty share their background, passion for helping others and reasons for pursuing a counseling career path.

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