Online DNP-Family Nurse Practitioner Career Profiles

Let’s Take an In-depth Look at a Few of Your Career Options:

Chief Nursing Officer*

Median Salary: $125,857

Chief nursing officers (CNOs) direct nursing services at a healthcare facility, monitor the quality of service, and supervise nursing managers. They follow strict safety policies to ensure adequate patient care and collaborate with hospital leadership to design innovative patient care strategies.

Nursing Director*

Median Salary: $83,151

Directors of nurses oversee groups of nurses in hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, and other medical institutions. These directors are responsible for ensuring that all administered care adheres to all laws and regulations and is provided in a caring and professional manner.

Clinical Nurse Manager*

Median Salary: $80,413

A clinical nurse manager is responsible for nurse scheduling, education and fielding complaints. Generally, they are also responsible for overseeing the selection, training and development of staff.

Nurse Educator*

Median Salary: $72,967

A nurse educator plays a critical role in the continuing education and evaluation of the nurses and caregivers. Together with hospital administrators they develop continuing education programs and evaluations for the staff at their institution, as well as help set policies and create systems related to patient care.

Lobbyist or Legislative Consultant*

Median Salary: $76,175

Healthcare consultants performa a variety of tasks including conducting research to identify problems, researching possible solutions to the problem, observing, talking with employees and managers, writing reports, and conducting meetings with clients to share solutions. They may also designs systems and procedures for identified solutions.

Healthcare Director*

Median Salary: $80,410

Hospitals and medical facilities are often comprised of departments spanning many specialties that must work together to ensure quality patient care. Healthcare directors supervise departmental operations, coordinate the duties of individuals working within their departments, and cooperate with outside departments to accomplish shared tasks.

Nursing Professor*

Median Salary: $86,574

Nursing professors educate students interested in becoming nurses. They also help them develop research, dissertations, or other scholarly papers. Professors are also generally required to perform research, collect and analyze data, and examine original documents, literature, and other source material.

Nurse Administrator*

Median Salary: $81,962

Nurse administrators are usually case managers for companies which provide in-home nursing services, and they are also present in assisted living facilities. They also oversee staff operations, business planning, manage compliance, track inventory and place orders.