Photo of Robert  Davison Avilés

Robert Davison Avilés

Assistant Director of Graduate Programs, Associate Professor

Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Lehigh University
M.Ed., Counseling, Lehigh University
B.A., Psychology, University of Arizona

Dr. Robert Davison Avilés is Latino and bilingual, born in Nogales, AZ, to Mexican immigrant parents. Dr. Davison Avilés specializes in multicultural/diversity issues in counseling and school counseling (including higher education) and minority career development. Dr. Davison Avilés’ interests also include education abroad and international studies. He has experience in public school counseling, counseling in university settings and agency and private practice counseling.

Dr. Davison Avilés teaches professional school counseling courses in areas K-8 and secondary schools, as well as counseling skills for career planning, practicum and internship courses. He enjoys teaching an undergraduate course in human relations development and a course for undergraduate global scholars.

Dr. Davison Avilés’ research interests and recent publications lie in the areas of Latino/a career development and multicultural issues in assessment and counselor education and supervision. Dr. Davison Avilés’ multicultural scholarship has expanded to include international education and study abroad programs. His most recent publications investigate international education and global scholarship.

Dr. Davison Avilés is a member of the American School Counseling Association and the Illinois Counseling Association. He is past-president of the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development and served as its vice president for Latino/a concerns. Dr. Davison Avilés served on and chaired the ACA Human Rights Committee and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling. He was past co-chair, with Dr. Jobie Skaggs, of the national award-winning state journal The Illinois Counseling Association Journal.