Online Ed.D. Higher Education Administration Career Profiles

In-Demand Job Titles in
Higher Educational Administration

By earning an Ed.D. you’re positioning yourself for career growth and the potential to have a lasting impact on students, educational institutions and even educational policies. After completing our online doctoral program you’ll be prepared for roles such as:

Professor, Postsecondary/Higher Education*

Median salary: $86,079

Professors perform a variety of tasks including leading lectures, developing coursework and assisting students with research, thesis papers, dissertations and more scholarly pursuits. Professors may also conduct their own research, collect and analyze data and examine original documents, literature and other source material for their own publications.

Academic Dean*

Median salary: $90,847

The academic dean is a leadership position involved in the management and development of faculty and academic staff in educational institutions. They interact with members of the administration to create and execute policies regarding academic programs, budgeting, staffing, and course scheduling. They are responsible for ensuring academic programs meet regulatory and accreditation standards.

Assistant Dean Of Students*

Median salary: $67,398

The Assistant Dean of Students is responsible for assisting the Dean of Students to establish a positive, structured, achievement-oriented and successful educational experience.

Director of Career Services*

Median salary: $60,637

The director of career services manages the overall functions of an institution’s career services office and regularly interacts with teachers, students, employers, and even alumni. Career service directors also design and implement programs to help students and alumni improve their job seeking skills, establish employment partnerships and sponsor employment events for students and alumni.