Online Ed.D Higher Education AdministrationCurriculum

Higher Education Administration Curriculum

Our program has been designed by education experts in consideration of today’s systematic challenges and individual needs. In addition to traditional topics, Bradley’s Ed.D. program also incorporates contemporary principles of ethics, technology and accountability to establish a modern, forward-facing knowledge base.

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Online Ed.D. Core Courses

ENC 708 Boards and Educational Governance 3 Credits
ENC 709 Ethical and Political Foundations of Educational Policy 3 Credits
ENC 710 Learning in an Era of Technology 3 Credits
ENC 711 National Trends in Assessment, Data Analysis, and Accountability 3 Credits

Higher Education Administration Courses

ENC 717 Organization and Leadership in Higher Education 3 Credits
ENC 718 The Community College 3 Credits
ENC 719 Student and Academic Affairs 3 Credits
ENC 720 The Contemporary Learner 3 Credits
ENC 721 Financial Affairs in Higher Education 3 Credits

Doctoral Research Requirement

ENC 703 Action Research 1: Introduction to Action Research 3 Credits
ENC 704 Action Research 2: Action Research Design and Ethics 3 Credits
ENC 705 Action Research 3: Data Collection in Action Research 3 Credits
ENC 706 Action Research 4: Data Analysis and Reporting in Action Research 3 Credits
ENC 707 Action Research 5: Scholarly Writing and Presentation in Action Research 3 Credits

Internship Courses

ENC 722-723 The Internship I and II 6 Credits

Please note that this program is not designed for, and does not lead to, licensure or certification for a specific position or profession.

Course information is subject to change