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What can you do with a concentration in educational technology? Bradley prepares you to develop, evaluate, select, and lead the implementation of online learning programs at the K-12 and postsecondary levels. The focus is on shaping education professionals for 21st century online learning.

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Jobs in high demand

Director of Online Learning

Median salary: $114,965*

A director of online learning oversees the development and implementation of a college’s or university’s online learning courses and programs.

A director is responsible for working with faculty and staff to lead and manage a college’s educational technology programs and courses, including evaluating and recommending technologies for online and hybrid learning. They select classroom technology, ensuring the quality of online courses and that all accreditation and regulatory requirements are met.

While designing the online learning program, a director of online learning will ensure online programs align with the college’s academic priorities, mission, branding, and institutional learning outcomes.


Chief Online Learning Officer

Median salary: $212,100*

The Chief Online Learning Officer (COLO) generally serves as part of an institution’s senior leadership team with expert knowledge of the trends and culture that define modern education. This position requires a broad understanding of academics, technological capabilities, finance, student support initiatives, and digital learning experiences designed to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Dean of Distance Education

Median salary: $107,704*

This role is responsible for various responsibilities, including administrative functions, developing strategic initiatives, planning and policy setting, fundraising, curriculum and program development, finance and budgeting, faculty development, and more. Each institution or employer will define the expectations and requirements of this position.

Director of Digital Innovation

Median salary: $293,974**

This position requires expertise in education, virtual communication tools, advanced technology, faculty and student needs, and where the digital world is heading. Many professionals in this position are tasked with updating or ‘futurizing’ the current state of a company or institution. A comprehensive knowledge base of education, business, and technology is critical to performing this role effectively.

Director of Educational Technology

Median salary: $115,399**

This role is a senior position dedicated to all issues relating to technology and its usage at a school or business. They also assist the faculty in integrating appropriate and innovative technologies to support, enhance, and extend learning to every student. This role also varies by employer and the individual needs of an institution.

Where Can You Work?

  • Colleges or universities
  • Public administration
  • Corporate education/training
  • State and national education associations and foundations