Faculty Feature: Laura Flinn

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Laura Flinn
Assistant Professor of Nursing

MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner, Illinois State University
BSN, Nursing, Bradley University


Professor Flinn is ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center) board-certified as an advanced practice nurse specializing in family practice. Prior to coming to Bradley full-time, she was an advanced practice nurse in a large family medicine clinic in Peoria, Ill. She maintains her advanced practical clinical expertise by working part-time as a family nurse practitioner at the same clinic. Prior to achieving her FNP, she worked at OSF St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria as an emergency department and trauma-certified registered nurse since 2008.

Professor Flinn joined the Bradley University Department of Nursing Faculty part-time in April 2018 as an adjunct faculty member in the FNP online program. In October 2018, she joined the faculty as a full-time assistant professor of nursing in the FNP graduate online program.

Professor Flinn attended Bradley University 2004-2008 to obtain her bachelor’s of science in nursing and continued her education at Mennonite College of Nursing at Illinois State University, where she obtained her master’s of nursing as a family nurse practitioner in 2013.

Professor Flinn has been married to her husband, whom she met at Bradley University, since 2010. She is the proud mother of three young boys.

When did you first know you wanted to enter the nursing field?
I first realized I wanted to be a nurse at age 19. I was enrolled in college as a dietetics major and quickly realized the benefit of a nursing degree. I would continue to be able to focus on the patient need but expand my focus to the wellness of the entire patient.

What are you currently most passionate about in terms of your work or research? What are some research initiatives you plan to embark on in the near future?

  • Car Seat Safety: I hope to educate parents about car seat safety and the guidelines written by the American Pediatric Association (APA). The guidelines for car seats often change (based on weight, height, and age of the child), and can be confusing. It’s important that I discuss with parents at every well child check-up to review the guidelines and make sure they are aware of safety precautions to be used and any changes that were made in the past year. I’m hoping to conduct research on the best way to communicate education on car seat safety while pursuing my Doctorate of Nursing Practice.
  • Pediatric Obesity: Working in family medicine for the past several years as a family nurse practitioner has allowed me several opportunities to educate patients and their parents on the importance of a well-balanced diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices. Fitness and health in the pediatric population needs to be instilled at home and in schools in order to help prevent adult diseases.

What excites you most about teaching in an online setting?
Our online program allows students to continue their life and participate in school around their busy schedules. I enjoy learning about the variety of students we have nationwide in the program and how we can help them achieve their goals. Empowering students to believe in themselves and watch them accomplish their goals has been very exciting.

What are some ways the Bradley curriculum aligns with your teaching and nursing philosophies?
Bradley University focuses on empowering students and helping them believe they can achieve any goal they set forth if they work hard. Bradley sets high standards for their students and helps them rise to those standards. Bradley uses evidenced-base practice in their curriculum to make sure all course are taught with the latest information and education.


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